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NEW Client Consultation

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  • 15 min

Service Description

15 Minutes- COMPLIMENTARY -Consultation with Patch Test Before you start your treatment we require on a consultation and patch test for your safety. During this consultation we check through your medical history, assess your skin and hair to ensure you are suitable and answer any questions you may have regarding treatment. Then a patch test is perform to ensure your skin does not react to laser. By doing a patch test before you start we can select an effective setting on the laser that will ensure you see results fast. **We want to make sure you have all the relevant information to allow you to make an informed decision that laser is right for you. After your consultation you should be equipped with all the knowledge you need to understand how laser works and the science behind it. No commitment.

Women exercising at gym
I Loved my experience at LaserPro Aesthetics. I had my under arms done, it was a really enjoyable experience. I can't wait to go back. the ambiance was comfortable and inviting. Highly recommend LaserPro Aesthetics 
Kerri S.
Hair Free Back
5 Stars - had my back done in no time at all.
John L.
This is by far the best laser I have ever tried, After  I had 2 other laser treatments  I only got limited results. I have stubborn hairs from PCOS and the results from laser pro is not even comparable to anything else.  
Melanie L.
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