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A contraindication or side-effect is a condition or factor that serves as a reason to withhold a certain medical treatment.

If any of the following apply to you then we would not be able to offer you laser hair removal.


A full pre-treatment consultation is provided at your patch test appointment too, in order to ensure the procedure will be both safe and effective for you.

  • History of Cancer; in particularly, skin cancer

  • Pregnancy (including IVF)

  • Two of the most commonly taken photosensitive medications are Rocaccutane and Retin-A, both of which are acne treatments. These both cause serious side effects from laser treatments, and treatment should be avoided if you are taking either of these.

  • Use of photosensitive medication and herbs for which 755nm & 810nm light exposure is contraindicated

  • Diseases which may be stimulated by light

  • Prolonged exposure to sun or artificial tanning prior to treatment and post treatment

  • Active infection of herpes simplex in the treatment area

  • History of keloid scarring

  • Diabetes (insulin dependent 

  • Fragile and dry skin

  • Hormonal disorders (that are stimulated under intense light)

  • Use of anticoagulants

  • History of coagulopathies.

  • Tattoos in the area – a 2cm border must be left around the tattoo

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